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Hi! I'm Aliff. I enable brands to stand out amongst others by positioning themselves uniquely through copywriting :)

What I Do

Let me keep this as short and concise as possible.I set out a plan for brands to differentiate and stand themselves out.Yes, it's true that I'm a content writer and copywriter by trade since 2019.But years of experience doing so made me realized that there's no point writing content or copy if others may write about the same thing.First things first: identifying the unique selling point and what makes a brand unique and different.Are you selling the same thing or slightly similar as your competitor?Ermm it may be harder, but hey, let us work out and see if we can come up with a better plan on this.Everything else, including writing content and copy, can be executed later once the whole plan has laid out.So yeah, that's my role, in general :)

Certifications I Received

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My Story

You probably know me as a content writer and copywriter.Well, this has always been my trade since 2019. I am known as Alan Copywriting Services, formerly known as Alan My Thoughts.If you don't know my background, it's alright. And if you are new here, hi there! 👋🏻Right now, if you are aware, there are just too many brands out there who try to show themselves what they offer, thinking that it would sell quick bucks.However, what if other brands do the same thing, sell the same thing, and position themselves the same way?One word.. no wait, two words: NOT EASYYou could put so much effort in any kind of marketing efforts, yet you may not get much eyeballs going over what you offer.Even if there are, that may not entice your potential customers to buy whatever you sell.Are you one of those brands?If you are, it's time to PIVOT.Don't waste any more time and money doing endless marketing attempts if your selling point is no different than your competitors.It's time to shine out differently, attract your potential customers like no other competitors would, and regain trust among your customers.Yes, you may see me as a content writer or copywriter, but I actually do beyond writing, if I'm going to be extremely honest 😅I can certainly write content or copy, if you ask for it. But if you have no idea what you are doing to stand your brand out, such efforts would be worthless in the long run.If you need a lending hand on positioning yourself differently, I can certainly help :)

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Current location: George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Business Registration Number (Malaysia): 201903220389

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